PCAS: Textbook Subcommittee

Project Information

The Provost Committee on Academic Success (PCAS) meets twice per month to consider ways in which UNM can improve student academic success.  The textbook subcommittee was formed in August, 2014 to consider ways that UNM can enable students to control textbook and related costs and to enable faculty to use high-quality low-cost materials in their courses.  The current committee charge is:

The charge of this committee is to examine the cost of textbooks for UNM students, and to survey novel approaches that may help bring the cost down while being mindful of the impact of such approaches on the UNM bookstore revenues. Based on this data, I would like the committee to propose initiatives and strategies (provide positive and negative aspects of each) that will help our students reduce their cost of attendance without sacrificing the quality of their education. Examples of such initiatives may include an educational campaign, e-books, open source material, renting, used books, or contracting with external book sellers.