MBA MIS Concentration
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2/3/2014 Added Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 to schedule page.
11/1/2013 Updated the Big Data Courses page with improved descriptions and diagram.
10/23/2013 Added a draft page describing course offerings in big data, data analytics, and data warehousing.
3/29/2013 Updated the schedule for academic year 2013/2014, made minor corrections to the program description, and added current syllabi.
5/31/2012 Updated the schedule with latest changes and added IA courses.
3/29/2012 Updated site with current concentration requirements and course schedule through Spring 2013.
11/19/2011 Updated the site with current requirements and course listings.
7/27/2007 Updated site with fall 2007 requirements and scheduling information
1/14/2005 Updated syllabi for MGT 635 and 638 were posted.
12/30/2004 The site structure was revised, a more concise description of the new program requirements was posted, and the schedule was updated for spring 2005.
4/29/2004 The new MBA-MIS concentration was approved by the UNM Faculty Senate.
4/12/2004 The schedule of classes was updated with graduate classes and undergraduate prerequisites.
12/8/2003 Tentative course schedules through spring 2005 were posted.
12/8/2003 The proposal for the new MBA-MIS concentration is now under consideration by the Faculty Senate Graduate Committee.
11/7/2003 The proposal  is now complete.  Click the New Program link for complete details.
7/9/2003 Information on the home page related to the new MBA/MIS concentration proposal was updated.  The course planning schedule was updated.
2/24/2003 The site was created an initial content was added including the MGT 539 waiver policy, a tentative class schedule, and a draft proposal for modernizing the concentration..

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