Big Data Courses


Big data, data analytics, data mining, and data warehousing - these are terms found in many job descriptions nowadays.  Though there are some nuanced differences in their meaning, what they have in common is the idea that most organizations have large operational databases that can be leveraged to make smart management decisions.  Examples include marketing more effectively to existing customers, identifying patterns of fraud or waste, streamlining operations and auditing, and reducing costs.

Many organizations want to use data analytics - small and large businesses, governments, health care organizations, and many others.  That desire has created a strong demand for students trained in data analytics and warehousing.  Unfortunately, the supply of well-trained students in these areas is low.  Current positions are typically filled by employees with training in economics, statistics, or database management. But data analytics combines all of these areas and includes unique content beyond them.  Thus, ASM is expanding its course offerings in these areas to enable students to better compete for the available and emerging jobs.

ASM Courses in Databases, Data Analytics, and Data Warehousing

ASM has revised some existing data-related courses and is adding new ones.  The diagram below summarizes the courses and their typical sequencing. Additional details and some possible groupings of those courses are provided below:  Data-related courses can be incorporated in the Master of Accounting, MBA, and forthcoming MS in Information Systems & Assurance programs.

ASM Data-Related Courses

Courses Descriptions

Course Combinations

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