IDEA The Next Step: Project information

Current Status

This web site is now outdated since the selection process for an IDEA replacement has been completed.  Current information can be obtained at these sites:

Project Information

IDEA (Individual Development and Assessment) is the campus-wide system used by students to provide mid-semester and end-of-semester feedback on instructors and courses. A working group was formed in Fall 2012 to investigate the need and requirements for an IDEA upgrade or replacement.

Project Timeline

Fall 2012 Working group formed
Quick survey of available systems
Reviewed similar RFPs from other universities
Initial discussion of system scope and requirements
Spring 2013 Faculty technology survey (with IDEA-related questions)
Developed draft system requirements
Draft requirements reviewed by Faculty Senate committees
Summer 2013 Refine requirements with administrative and IT perspectives
Finalize IT project plan
Fall 2013 Develop and publish RFP
Spring 2014 Evaluate RFP responses and select finalists
Summer 2014 Set up and evaluate sandboxes for 1-3 products
Fall 2014 Select best vendor and negotiate licensing
Develop implementation plan (including plan to maximize online response rates)
Faculty Senate and Provost considers related policy issues
Small pilot
Spring 2015 Faculty Senate and Provost finalize related policy issues
Evaluate small pilot
Larger pilot
Prepare for conversion
Fall 2015 UNM system-wide roll-out